I’m Hayley, a Lifestyle, Portrait, and Boudoir Photographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

I'm Hayley, a proud mom, devoted wife, and passionate lifestyle photographer.
When I'm not behind the lens, I'm entertaining my toddler, playing with my adorable puppy, and creating delicious meals with my husband.
My deep appreciation for photography blossomed as I reflected on my own life, filled with treasured moments captured by my Godfather.
I wanted my son to grow up surrounded by the love he experienced & preserve those precious memories. Now I'm thrilled to share so others can cherish their own


Fact 1

The inspiration behind Blue View stems from the mesmerizing hues of my unique eyes,

with a mix of Blue, Grey, Green & Yellow. Through my lens you get the Blue View


Fact 2

I met the love of my life at 19, we are now happily married and have a 3 year old!


Fact 3

I grew up extremely athletic playing

Volleyball, Softball, and Soccer from 5-16yrs old

I'm a lover of all sports and guilty of getting a little too into baseball games at times


Fact 4

I once cried on national television ......... it's a very long story lol